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POGO 8062: Public Sector Management – this is an introductory graduate course on public management for students in the MPP/MPA program at the Crawford School. We get about 80 students (40 online, and 40-in person) every year. The course begins with an overview of key concepts and debates in public management, and then dives deep into contemporary public management challenges such as administrative burdens, policy capacity, crisis management, and managing governance relationships. The course is extremely applied and layered with case studies from the Asia-Pacific to illustrate the dilemmas public managers face. It is usually offered in S1.

POGO 8234: Unpacking Policy Capacity – this is an intensive course available to students in the MPP/MPA program. It was designed largely in response to the lack of clarity on ‘capacity’. The lack of capacity is a frequently relied upon refrain to explain poor policy outcomes — often with limited insights or value. In this course students are asked to think about the “Capacity for What” question, and are introduced to a framework that unpacks the different types of capabilities governments, government agencies, and public managers require to shape policy outcomes. The framework is used to operationalise case studies that diagnose strengths and deficits in policy capabilities. The course will be offered for the first time in November 2022.

POLS 2002: Public Policy: Theory & Practice – This is a new course being offered in 2021 for students in the Bachelor of Public Policy at the ANU. The course introduces students to key concepts and ideas in public policy, provides an overview of theories of the policy process, and applies these to contemporary policy cases. We use the policy cycle/stages model as a heuristic to organise this course. We use the Australian Policy Handbook, Studying Public Policy, and Understanding Public Policy supplemented with readings as key resources for this course.

POLS 3041: Applied Policy Project

The University of Melbourne

Public Policy in an Asian Century

Public Policy Analysis

Public Policy Design & Implementation

Nanyang Technological University

HA4023: The Politics of Social Policy in Asia

HA4009: Seminar on Policy Design

Executive Education

Lectures on Tax Policy (for civil service personnel from the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, at the LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore)

Lectures in Comparative Public Finance (for students in the MPA program in the Australian & New Zealand School of Government, at the University of New South Wales)

Policy Capacity & Implementation (for civil service personnel from the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, at the University of Melbourne)

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