I am a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Australian National University and hold a joint appointment at The School of Politics & International Relations, and the Crawford School of Public Policy. My research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of public policy theory (policy design, instruments, comparative approaches) and social policy (health care, pensions). The empirical focus of most of my work has been on India, Singapore and Thailand. At the ANU, I convene the Bachelor of Public Policy degree, and teach graduate and undergraduate courses on public policy theory, policy design, and public sector management.

I am currently working on two projects. The first is a book-length manuscript Thinking Comparatively About Public Policy. The project advances a theoretical framework, and engages with the methodological and empirical issues in comparative studies of public policy. The second project The Competing Struggles of Health Reform is a follow through on a recently completed book, Health Policy in Asia: A Policy Design Approach, and conceptualises efforts to sustain universal healthcare as a series of competing policy struggles . The argument is illustrated with reference to health reforms underway in Southeast Asia.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about my teaching or research.


The School of Politics & International Relations, The Research School of Social Sciences, Room 2.34, RSSS Building, Building 146, Ellery Crescent, Acton ACT 2601 | E: azadsingh.bali@anu.edu.au