I hold an ongoing Associate Professorship with the Public Policy Group at the University of Melbourne’s School of Social & Political Sciences (on leave in 2023-2024)

My research and teaching interests are in comparative public policy with a focus on health policy. I am interested in the types of policy tools governments use to address contemporary policy challenges (such as those in healthcare), and how these are deployed across different contexts. The empirical focus of most of my work has been in South and Southeast Asia.

I am working on three projects. The first is a book on Comparative Public Policy (with Adam Hannah at University of Queensland); the second is a large grant on Patterns of Policy Change in India (with Raghbendra Jha at the ANU, and Satyajit Singh at University of California, Santa Barbara) and the Governance of Healthcare (with M Ramesh, at NUS). Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about my research.

Lastly, I am part of the fun editorial collective at the Australian Journal of Public Administration and Policy Design & Practice. Please have a look and send us your manuscripts!